Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Short Stories

I've decided that since I love writing, I want to start writing some short stories. The characters will be based off of my friends, family, and people I know. Creative writing is something I've messed around with before, but I've never been terribly good at it. I plan to use everyday expriences and then tweak them to make them work for my stories. Hopefully, this will help with my creative writing. I will most likely post the complete stories, or at least parts of the complete story, on here. I will also post soon about my Christmas (even though it will be celebrated this Sunday rather than yesterday). Until I post again, have a wonderful day.

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Nate and Angie said...

So Jess, where are the short stories, in fact, where is any sort of note or story? You haven't posted for a while. Are you still alive? How's it going? I don't hear much about that side of the family. Well, talk at ya later.