Saturday, November 8, 2008

Me & Wil

So, I am in a really weird mood and I'm super hyper, so I actually put make up on today. So, not only is my hair super cute from last night, my face also looks good. I made Wil put up with my silliness and got some pictures of both of us. Considering I was taking most of them without a tripod or anything, they turned out really cute.

New Hair

My mom and I went to get our hair cut (well, get my trimmed and hers cut) last night. It was a lot of fun. Mom came with me to where I get my hair done, Lunatic Fringe. Her stylist was Sarah. I was with my usual stylist, McKenzie, who I think is amazing. McKenzie was very careful not to change my length too much, since she knew I was getting married in a month, and did a really cute blow dry to make my hair have soft curls. Sarah gave mom a new look. First she did it curly (which I only kind of saw through the mirror when McKenzie wasn't in the way (mom was directly behind me). Once I was finished, I got to see Sarah straightening mom's hair. I've never seen it straightened and it looked SO good. I made Wil take pictures of our cuteness.
Mom's new hair
The back
We're so cute
Yes, I am a dork..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Kenner's

Last night, Wil and I went out to get sushi with our good friends, Chris & Brittany Kenner. It was a blast. The sushi was great, the people we were with are awesome, we laughed a lot, and we got some crazy pictures, and even a few cute ones. The place is called Tokai Sushi 4U and has some of the best sushi I've had. After we were all stuffed, we went back to Wil's. We played Little Big Planet, which is crazy, but seriously fun with four people, and then watched Iron Man. Wil just recently hooked up the surround sound so he was excited to show it off. It was awesome. I fell asleep long before the movie ended. Anyway, I've got the pictures from last night below.

Monday, November 3, 2008

November Already?

Holy cow! It's November. There's only a little over a month now before the wedding and the final details have to start coming together now. Luckily, this should be my last week of school. This week will be crazy since I have 2 group projects to do, but after that, I'll only have to worry about work and the wedding. I don't have much planned this month, unlike last month which had something going on pretty much every day, but that's probably a good thing, since I'll need to be running around trying to get things taken care of.

So what do I still have to get done? I really don't know for sure (I know...that's a really bad thing). But, here is the list of things I do need to do (if I don't get them out of my head and written somewhere I'll go a little crazy):
  1. Meet with the florist to finalize the details (hopefully will be done on Thursday)
  2. Get head count for the ceremony/luncheon (even though we pretty much know who's coming already)
  3. Finalize reception decorations/talk to Steph and Jenn to see what still needs to be done for that
  4. Get marriage license (I'm told that that is important :D)
  5. Get ring cleaned (easily done anytime I'm at the mall..)
  6. Figure out how to go about the whole name change thing and how long I have to change everything (this is the one that scares me the most..)
  7. Find time to spend with Wil.
Simple enough I guess, but I'm still nervous about making sure everything gets done. Luckily, my family is amazing and have been helping out a TON! Wil is also great and willing to do any errands I need done while I'm at work. I think I'd have completely given up on everything without Wil and my family.

Anyway, time to get back to work. I've got a ton to do (not even including that list above) and very little time.