Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Hair

My mom and I went to get our hair cut (well, get my trimmed and hers cut) last night. It was a lot of fun. Mom came with me to where I get my hair done, Lunatic Fringe. Her stylist was Sarah. I was with my usual stylist, McKenzie, who I think is amazing. McKenzie was very careful not to change my length too much, since she knew I was getting married in a month, and did a really cute blow dry to make my hair have soft curls. Sarah gave mom a new look. First she did it curly (which I only kind of saw through the mirror when McKenzie wasn't in the way (mom was directly behind me). Once I was finished, I got to see Sarah straightening mom's hair. I've never seen it straightened and it looked SO good. I made Wil take pictures of our cuteness.
Mom's new hair
The back
We're so cute
Yes, I am a dork..

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