Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 1

Well, I'm 1 week into the deal I made with Wil to lose weight. So far, I'm down 3 lbs. I've done really well with eating better. I still need to work out more, but that is getting better as well. I'm getting better and making myself wake up at 4:30 in the morning and do a workout no matter how tired I am. I did it this morning and although I am tired, I'm very alert and am functioning well at work.

I have a ton of support on this weight lose thing right now and I love it. Wil has been supportive without getting on my case about it (which is an improvement). My mom and I are calling each other daily to discuss our eating habits, ideas on what to change, and how we are doing about working out. I am in a group of 4 other 20-29 year olds who need to lose the same amount as me and weight very close to what I weight right now. We post messages daily to each other to share how we are doing and give suggestions to each other one how to fix the things we are struggling with. It's been amazing. Having a few people that I know will be waiting to hear how I am doing is helping me stick to what I know I should be doing.

Week 1 has been great!

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