Saturday, June 21, 2008

GNI & New Hair

I haven't updated my blog lately, so I figured I should while I have a little time today (life's been a little insane lately). On Wednesday, I got my hair cut. I mostly wanted to go in for a trim. My hair has gotten pretty long, but it looks great so I didn't want to get rid of a lot of length. My awesome stylist, McKenzie, decided that rather than having the few soft layers, she'd give me more layers, and rather than straightening it, like I usually do, she decided to curl it. Well, it turned out AWESOME! Everyone who's seen it loves it, especially me.

Last night was my family's Girls' Night In, where me, my mom, my sister, and my brothers' wives all get together for a sleep over. We usually have some sort of craft, game, or activity, but sometimes we just sit and talk. Last night, we designed our shirts for this year's family camp out. We decided that we'd all have blue shirts (in whatever shade of blue we wanted). We came up with a logo, and tag line, as well as nicknames for each of us in the family. We were all feeling very creative last night and came up with some great stuff. Here's the names we came up with:

Dad -- "The Reel Thing" -- Dad is our resident fisherman extraordinaire so this was fitting.

Mom -- "The Queen of ?" -- Mom is always asking questions and trying to understand all the silly things we joke and talk about. She has a wonderfully innocent and inquisitive spirit.

Jenn (mom of 3) -- "Mistress of Mayhem" -- Jenn balances single-motherhood of 3 crazy kids and a full time job. She's amazing and this nick-name perfectly describes her life.

Annee (oldest daughter of Jenn) -- "Reader Skeeter" -- Annee is a dedicated reader who is currently obsessed with the Twilight Series. She is also a big fan of Harry Potter so this was a great blend of her passions to represent her (she's so much like me, it's almost scary).

Tyler (son of Jenn) -- "Lord of the Games" -- Tyler is our mega-gamer. He's got so much game he could outplay most anyone! He's quick and smart and LOVES to win!

Dessa (youngest daughter of Jenn) -- "Lil' Wiggles & Giggles" -- Dessa is a BRIGHT & ENERGETIC spirit and LOVES to laugh! We have an adorable clip of her at campout last year doing this cute little wiggle dance -- hence the name.

Jenn & Jason -- "Miss B. Haven" & "Mr. Never Shaven" -- Jenn is the jokester, unruly, teasing, outrageous one in the family so her name was an obvious choice. Jason's had a nice rhyme and is VERY true -- the man hates to shave and grows facial hair faster than a Yetti according to his wife.

Wendee & Aaron -- "Wendi-lay-hee-hoo" & "Fix-It Guru" -- Wendee has such a fun name to play on so we had alot of fun with hers. Aaron and Wendee recently purchased a home and Aaron has become quite the Fix-It man so we felt this was fitting.

Matthew (Aaron & Wendee's son) -- "Little Boy Vrooom" -- Matthew is just under 3 years old and he LOVES all things that GO! Firetrucks and characters from the movie Cars are among his favorites.

Alyssa (Aaron & Wendee's daughter) -- "Princess Pea" -- Alyssa is the baby in our family; born just this last February. Her family t-shirt is actually a 'onesie' and it turned out super cute. When Alyssa is put down to sleep, she can always sense the slightest discomfort and has plenty to 'say' about it. So her name is a play on that story of the Princess and the Pea.

Josh & Stephanie -- "Sir Stinks-a-lot" & "Lady of the DANCE!" -- Josh's name is fairly self-explanatory. Sorry Josh, your wife picked it. We're assuming she has good reason. Stephanie is ALWAYS dancing about so her name was a no-brainer.

Jess (me) -- "Shutterbug" -- I am constantly behind the camera snapping pictures. In fact, I liked the shirts we made so much that I put it on this morning and took some pictures of myself in my new shirt.

Here are some pictures of my new shirt and my new hair. Keep in mind I did these after a late night up with the girls, so I don't look my best. Jenn also posted stuff about our GNI on her blog, so you can check out more by clicking on the "Jenn's Blog" link on the right (yes, I did just copy and slightly edit what she put for our nicknames. I really am that lazy today :P)

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Ron said...

Love the names and the logos on the front. Hey, you ever thought about being a model? :)