Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rehearsals and Lines

The first meeting was held on Saturday for the Star Trek Tempest play that I am doing. Basically, we went over what we will be doing and decided that weekends are when my "group" will be practicing. Most of us in this play are in different groups that rarely, if ever, meet. This makes all of our widely different schedules much easier to overcome since we don't have to meet as an entire cast until the week of the performance. My group consists of very few people.

On Sunday, I had my first practice. We haven't blocked anything, but we discussed what we will be doing, read through our lines, and made cuts and changes as were needed. It was just me, the director, and the actor who is playing Prospero (my dad in the play). The three of us got through most, if not all, of the 2nd scene (which is my first scene). We cut a lot, and changed things so that they fit with the Star Trek vibe we are going for. We laughed and joked around a lot, and it gave me a much better understanding of my character.

I'm so excited about this play and am looking forward to the next rehearsal. I've learned that our director likes use to concentrate on figuring out our character. Rather than her telling us what to do or how to act, we should rely on what our character would do or say. This should also help with us learning our lines, and if we forget our lines, we'll know what our character would say, so we can improvise if needed.

Anyway, now I'm just working on getting my lines, and my character down. I'm going to try to get a recording of my lines, and the lines said before and after my lines, so I can listen to it while driving. I need to find someone who is willing to read the other lines for me though. I'll have to see who I can convince to do it.

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