Thursday, May 1, 2008

May, Snow, and Possibilities

It's the first of May and I am psyched! May is my favorite month. I've never really pin pointed why, but it's usually a good month for me. Last May, I got this fabulous job that I love. May is usually when most flowers are blooming, and it's when it truly feels like spring, which is my favorite season. The temperature is usually perfect. I think this May might be one of the best yet though.

Spring doesn't seem to be on the weather's mind today sadly. It's been snowing off and on all morning. I had to put my winter coat on again this morning. The flakes that are coming down are gorgeous, but I'm sick of the snow, and was looking forward to spring. I love the flowers, the quick rain showers that leave the air smelling fabulous, and the near perfect temperatures that allow you to wear a jacket. I love jacket weather. It's my favorite. That's probably because I have so many really cute jackets and love to switch them up. Hopefully, it'll stop snowing and spring will come back again.

In about 2 weeks, I will have been at my job for a year. It's amazing what has happened since I started here. I will most likely be getting a raise once I hit my year mark, so that's super exciting. I love what I do, and the people I work with are awesome. It can sometimes be stressful, and there are times when people I have to deal with are frustrating, but overall, it's a great job.

Josh, the sibling closest to my age, is coming home today after being in Iraq for almost a year! That is probably the best thing this May can offer me. I've missed him like crazy and am glad that I don't have to be constantly anxious about him anymore. I'm nervous and excited to see him again.

I think I've discovered another reason for loving spring. Spring signifies a new beginning, a chance to start over, or renew yourself. Spring is usually when everyone gets rid of all the old junk they don't want to hold onto anymore. Lately, I've been restless and agitated almost daily. I haven't really liked where my life has been going lately and have been working on changing it all. It's been a slow process and I'm having a hard time breaking out of old habits. I have a feeling though, that now that it's May, I will finally be able to dejunk my life and become who I want to be. It's a time for new beginnings, and I plan to take advantage of it and am looking forward to the possibilities this month will bring.

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