Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, it's the final countdown for Tempest. We are performing as part of our dress rehearsal tonight at the Radisson Hotel. I finally remembered to bring my camera last night to play practice. I got some fun shots, although I wish I'd had my external flash. Oh well. I'll have to see if I can get more pictures tonight. I've posted some below.

A few of us, me included, were not in full costume last night (I already knew my costume worked and was busy running around getting the set and cast ready for our run through since it was almost 11 pm). I found some horrible red lipstick that I'll be using. I have it on in the pictures. Bear in mind that these pictures were taken between 9:30ish until midnight. I had worked all day before going to the rehearsal, and have had very little sleep in the last two weeks, so I was on a caffeine high.

I'm really hoping that I can stay awake at work today and tomorrow as well as being able to stay awake for the performances tonight and tomorrow night. We have most of the set and costume stuff done. There's just a few final touches that need to be taken care of. It should be good though. I'm excited!

I realized last night something that I've noticed before, but very rarely think about. I thrive when I'm under pressure. Last night, I knew that we had to get as much done as possible. Our cast has a tendency to sit and talk rather than working. I've contributed to that problem as well. Anyway, it's crunch time and I was feeling that last night. I wanted to make sure we had as much done as we could. I was getting a little annoyed because I felt like I had to tell people that stuff needed to be done and make them do it, rather than them knowing we had a lot of work to do. All in all, I have to say that last night was probably our most productive time.

Todd's arm after applying his paint. We wanted to make sure it worked and that my lipstick would show up on the blue paint without turning my lips blue. It worked.

The drunks. I love this scene!

Tina's mask and head piece. Meow!

Me and Todd goofing off before we started the run through

During our scene. I have to tell you, I almost died laughing when I saw Todd's costume. I'm over it now and can almost get through a full scene with him without laughing.

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