Friday, May 16, 2008


Last night at play practice, we discussed costumes for the play. They are going to be amazing. We are all going to look great! Mine will be awesome! I'd want to wear it all the time. I am getting really excited about the play now. We only have a week left. We're performing on Thursday at the Empress, and on Friday at the CONduit. I'm feeling pretty good about most of my scenes, although there is one that I'm still worried about.

Hopefully my friends will help me out with that scene tonight. We're going to go see the new Narnia movie. I'm excited. I've been so stressed with work, school, and the play that I haven't really had time to just have fun with my friends. I'll probably be exhausted tomorrow (since I'm not likely to get to sleep very early tonight, and have to wake up early tomorrow). It should be ok though. I'm good at forcing myself to stay awake and get through what has to be done.

Anyway, life is going to be hectic until next weekend. I just figured I should give everyone an update on my life. If you see me, don't be surprised if I'm totally scatterbrained and panicky. :)

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