Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Adventures...Kind of

Today, Wil and I decided to go to the ward he lives in. We'd never been there before but Terrill (Wil's mom) talked to the bishop of that ward and he agreed to marry us. So, we went to sacrament meeting (because it was last and we had no idea where the other classes would be for sure). It was the primary program, which Wil and I think is always great fun.

After the meeting was over, we tried to catch up with the bishop. Wil introduced himself, and the bishop asked if he was new to the ward. Wil said yes, and the bishop to us to follow him. He took us to the clerk's office and got a paper for Wil to fill out so that his records could get to this ward. Before we sat down so Wil could fill out it, I stopped Bishop Ebbert and let him know that we were the ones Wil's mom called about. He was so excited to meet us. We let him know that we'll be going to that ward from now on so he'll get a chance to speak with us more.

Once Wil had filled out the paper, we looked around for someone to give it to. Luckily, the membership clerk passed us right at that moment, noticed the paper in Wil's hand, introduced himself, and took the form. We turned around to find the bishop so we could give the pen back that we borrowed. Instead, we ran into the guy that lives next door (we have no idea what his name is...), shook hands with him, and spotted the bishop. We gave the pen back and as we were at the doors, we were stopped by the first counselor of the bishopric (we think). I was just stepping down to head to the car when he stopped us. I was surprised and whirled around so fast that my left heel (which was still inside and higher than my right) got caught on the metal part and I basically fell out the door. Luckily, I didn't actually fall. I just looked really stupid as I tried to catch my footing. He talked to us for a while and let us know that after church next week is a meeting for those who are new to the ward so that they can get to know who the leadership of the ward was. We promised we'd be there, shook hands, and were finally able to leave.

Anyway, we were finally able to leave after being stopped by so many people, I was thankful to get out of my new high heels (seriously painful).

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