Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy Busy Weekend

This weekend was a crazy one for me. I had SO many things going on all at once. Friday was my birthday, but it was a fairly normal day. Carleen decorated my desk at work and made a cake for me. That was nice. Also, my work friends got me a $25 gift certificate to Wal-Mart. The day at work went by like usual.

After work, I worked on making cookies. Half way through making the cookies, Wil's brother, Drew, came over to help us get the couch that was downstairs out onto the patio. Wil and I purchased a really nice couch from my great aunt that we want to move down there. The blue couch that was being moved out is seriously heavy. Drew was at the bottom holding most of the weight. Moving that thing just about made Wil pass out since he's not really used to moving heavy objects. Drew was resting the couch on his head for a while, so we were afraid he might break his neck for the 3rd time. It was scary to watch all of that an know there was nothing I could do to help.

After moving that, I went back to making cookies only to discover that we were out of chocolate chips (which is crazy because I swear there were at least 2 bags in 2 different cupboards last week). So, Wil and I went to go get chocolate chips. While I finished up with the cookies, we ordered Wingers take out since it was around 8 pm and we were starving. We ate and Wil and I were both so exhausted that we fell asleep pretty quickly after that.

Saturday, I woke up at 4:30 so I could meet up with Jenn and Steph to do my bridal pictures. Of course, I thought I'd brought everything, but I forgot to bring my make-up. Jenn's mom ended up using Mary Kay samples instead. Steph did an AWESOME job with my hair, and Jenn's mom made me look amazing with the make up. The shoot went great and I was much warmer than I thought I would be.

After the photo shoot, Jenn, Steph and I made our way to the Studio for a bridal shower from my dad's family. The theme was all about games. There were cards for a large variety of games all over the walls. Some spelled out "Congrats Jess" and my niece, Annee, spelled "love" with the cards on another wall. It was a lot of fun. For gifts, they gave me a variety of board games. It was so much fun and the games they got for me and Wil are great. I'm so excited to play them.

When I got back to Wil's house, I ran around like a crazy person to try to put away all my wedding dress stuff (the gown was in a garment bag so Wil couldn't see it). Once I stopped to breathe, Nate introduced me to his girlfriend, Megan. We went out to eat with them at a place that Wil and I had never been to. I think it was called Thai Delight. It was amazingly good food. Megan got along really well with Wil and me, especially considering that I was beyond exhausted and Wil wasn't much better. It was a ton of fun.

Shortly after that, as I was falling asleep on the bare floor with a couch cushion as a pillow, Wil asked when I wanted to go deliver the cookies to our friends, the Kenner's. I had made them specifically for them. I groggily told Wil that we can go whenever. He asked if I wanted to go before I fell asleep. I very sleeply agreed. I told Wil that we should probably call them. Wil said they are my friends too so I should call them. I tried not to be annoyed when I told him that I am fine with going anywhere but I would not call anyone at the moment. I was tired and falling asleep and he could barely understand me when we were right next to each other. So he ended up calling them. The Kenner's, Chris and Brittany, were just about to head to the Gateway to get some ice cream. They invited us to come along.

So we headed out for our 2nd double date in the same day. We gave them the cookies, which they were really excited about, and went to the Gateway. After hanging out there for a while, we finally got Ben & Jerry's and decided we should all go back to Wil's house for either a movie or so that Chris and Wil could play a game. We planned on watching Iron Man. That didn't happen. Wil and Chris played Little Big Planet, and Brittany quickly fell asleep on Chris' lap. I was attempting to stay awake to hang out with them, but it didn't last long and I finally decided to go to bed.

On Sunday, we had been invited to a dinner with Wil's cousins on his mom's side. So we headed down to Provo so that I could meet them and Wil could catch up with them. It was a lot of fun. Wil kept us all laughing almost the entire time. When we got home, I relaxed for a few minutes, did my homework and then quickly fell asleep again. Apparently, I didn't get enough sleep this weekend because I still feel like I'm asleep. Oh well. It was crazy, but it was SO much fun. I haven't laughed that much in a long time. This weekend also reminded me how much I enjoy being with my family, and my friends and how much I love spending any amount of time doing anything with Wil.

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